Monthly Channeled Forecast | September is Reconstruction

by | Sep 7, 2018

Significator: The High Priestess, 5 of Cups rx, Self Care
Walking away from: The Wheel of Fortune, Strength
Walking into: 5 of Pentacles rx, 9 of Cups

Channeled from my Spirit Guide, Ruth, using the Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck and Vessel Oracle deck by Spirit Speak.

Hello, September! And thank Goddess you have arrived. After experiencing some gnarly eclipses and retrograde planets in August, we have now crossed a highly uncomfortable bridge into a new month. September brings us a sweet breath of fresh air, a time to rebuild, a time to reconstruct what we have lost. It is safe to say the worst is over, and now we are asked to pick up the pieces. The High Priestess holds the Akashic Records in her hands (as seen in the Rider Waite Smith deck), and understands her life journey on a soul level. She has intuitive access to what came before her, what is happening and what will be. Similar to the myth of Persephone (she was abducted by Hades – God of the underworld – for half of the year), she understands darkness and light. She knows that life is just like the changing of the seasons, constantly in flux from birth to death, from death to birth. We can take the wisdom of the High Priestess to harness the strength that was always with us (and always will be), to move beyond the human experience and truly understand what it means to transcend self-doubt, self-hatred and self-sabotage. The 5 of Cups rx invites us to move beyond self-criticism, harm and negative storm clouds constantly hovering above our heads. We have now arrived at a place of releasing something or someone that is not working for us. The High Priestess allows us the deep introspection to be exactly where we need to be right now, even if that means you haven’t moved on where you know you need to move to. Merely knowing, feeling or having a glimmer of clarity is one step forward. It is OK to go slow right now. This is a time to remove any guilt, shame, regret or negative vibes you have accumulated. You are powerful, you are worthy, you are divine. No person, thing, or place can hold power over you.

In Latin, the word Tarot derives from “rota”, as in rotation, which reflects the ancient sense of life as a moving wheel. The Wheel of Fortune brings in deep, karmic shifts and change, and reminds us that amazing things happen to us if we are willing to jump off the wheel we have been circling for years. There is no truth in stagnation, only illusions of comfort that will ultimately lead you to an unfulfilled life. Last month, we experienced some radical upheaval and change. All of these changes were the product of our higher selves literally shouting at the top of our lungs, “I am absolutely miserable! I need a change!”. The Wheel of Fortune was the deep transformation we experienced to remove us from our comfort zones, and offered us the opportunity to chase our wildest dreams. It might have come in the form of something we had to lose or walk away from. It might have resulted in some deep traumas surfacing in our bodies. Whatever came up for you last month, just know that Strength was on your side and you had the power to handle it with courage and trust, otherwise the Universe would not think you were capable of that change. You were ready for it – believe it.

The 5 of Pentacles rx is the lifting of heavy patterning that we have around self-doubt of receiving success in our dream careers. It’s the un-conditioning of the patriarchichal oppression. My Spirit Guide shows me a dark curtain being pulled back with brilliant light shining through. We are lighter and ready to move through our thought patterning of feeling worthy for working for ourselves, moving up or away from a job where you have been stuck at forever. Or perhaps just witnessing these patterns for what they are. Remember friends: Go slow this month.

*Reconstruction: “a thing that has been rebuilt after being damaged or destroyed” – standard dictionary definition. My Spirit Guide is showing me a tower (think the Tower tarot card) burning on fire and we are standing in the aftermath of ashes. We are essentially being called to embrace Phoenix energy right now and rise above the madness after whatever was destructed in our lives. Self Care is needed more than ever right now. It is Virgo season after all, so in the true fashion of this grounded Earth sign, get outside and take a long walk in nature. Smell the fresh air, walk barefoot, and talk to the plants. Do everything you can to be embrace your physical body and create a soothing symbiosis with Mother Earth. The 9 of Cups is the allowance of this Self Care routine to enter into our daily lives to nourish what we have lost, and to make space for the sensuality we absolutely deserve. What big dreams do you have buried deep within you? If you could live a life of pure satisfaction and contentment what would you be doing? We all know that life is never made up of rainbows and fucking unicorns, but we have a right to create our dreams and execute them with the purest of intentions. I invite you to head into your dream space and write down all of the ideas, goals and wishes you want for yourself. Then when you’re done, burn the paper, and let it disappear into the ethers so that Spirit can help with the rest.