Dark Sod Of the Moon | A Few Favorite Mud-based Products + Their Healing Properties

by | Jul 15, 2017

Toying with your food may exceed acceptable behavior, but playing in the dirt is a pastime adults should never abandon. Clays are copious in quantity around the world and offer a world of health and therapeutic benefits. Many clays, namely bentonite, create an earthing effect on human skin, producing a (positive) electrical charge when coming in contact with liquid. Take, for instance, when the naked skin of our feet touches soil and wet grass at once, the clay takes on a different charge and binds most present toxins within the fluid. Not many of us seek the recreational bliss of allowing our feet to slowly squish into mud and wet grass, at least not often enough, yet there are powerful, obtainable and convenient ways to incorporate clays and muds into our daily lives.

Throw the buzzword “detox” into any side effect and it’s like adding coconut oil into a recipe or “gluten free” on packaging: highly likely to attract and please but questionable as to its overall nutritional value, definitely requiring more investigation. Detoxing is a part of our body’s natural job description, but, like many bosses or employees, not all bodies tackle the job the same or with equal amount of gusto. Further, our bodies can always benefit from teamwork with all the environmental stressors and toxins.

Some of our favorite, cost effective and near ancient “Dark Sod Of the Moon” products have the following properties that provide our bodies with some well-appreciated collaboration.

Alkalization: Another health and wellness buzz word for a few reasons: with all the caffeine, meat and foods with hidden acidity we consume – like breads and some fruits – many of us are walking around like magnets for more disease to come in and bond with our acidity. Alkalizing our system, which can be measured daily (and scientifically if you’re skeptical) by pH levels, we create a less hospitable environment for disease, inflammation, etc. Bentonite and all the products we’ve chosen above are natural body pH balancers, as their structures are naturally high in alkalinity.

Ant-inflammatory: Soaking in mud and its inherent minerals alleviates aches and muscle pains. Mud baths have a soothing effect and contain important minerals – like sodium, magnesium and potassium. Mud baths can even help relieve the symptoms of many conditions such as psoriasis and rosacea.

Detoxifying: Back to this ever-popular function. Our skin, lungs, kidney, colon and liver are responsible for our day-to-day detoxing. When our consumption and habits are at their healthiest, our organs get the job done fairly well. But our body also has pollution, stress, environmental toxins and more to contend with, even when our routines are sound. Many clays bind to toxins on our skin, or within our organs when ingested, and extract them in a gentle and natural way. Bentonite is a great example of a clay that can be ingested or used on the skin to pull out toxins. And it’s wildly affordable. A healthy lifestyle is not an exclusive one.

Improves the Health of Teeth and Gums: Like the rest of your body, clay absorbs all the toxins your body needs to purge, including what’s in you mouth. Clay also helps prevent cavities and supplies minerals for your gums and mouth. It might not be the most exciting prospect to brush or swish with clay, but mixing with a little peppermint or lavender extract and water can change the game.

Oxygenation: Oxygen is an important substance in the detoxifying and alkalizing process, it makes clay an interesting remedy to add to any anti-aging and healing treatment including cancer therapy. It has been proven that cancer cells cannot develop and survive in an alkaline and oxygenated environment. More oxygenated, the body can function optimally.

Probiotic Boosting: The simple act of removing toxins from the body also helps healthy gut bacteria thrive. Simple as that.

Relieves Digestive Problems (Constipation, IBS, Nausea, etc.): Going back to clay’s ability to soak up and extract toxins, our stomach is an organ that benefits from this the most. However, bentonite, in particular, is also known as an all-natural constipation remedy and gut cleansing agent and also helps alleviate nausea.

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