The weREWILD Subscription (starting January 1, 2020):
* Monthly live Q&As
*Monthly journal prompts sent straight to your inbox
*$1 of your monthly subscription goes to one of a few organizations that aid the process of Rewilding and perpetuate the fundamentals. Options to be listed soon.
* Free access to all 300+ articles, interviews and rituals
*4 discounted private sessions with Micha a year
*Exclusive monthly “The Rewilding” newsletter, with mini interviews, recipes, prompts, mental/emotional tips from experts, and recent research
*7% off one retreat each year

Your Subscription Dollars Are Used For:
*Our team’s allocation of time and expertise to create more resources and content to aid you in Rewilding throughout your life
*Our ability to facilitate more therapeutic and helpful work at an accessible cost
*Instigating more impactful community dialogue
*Operation costs
*And donations to some of the organizations that have invaluably impacted the development of our own organization and resources

Terms & Conditions.
Your subscription is ongoing until you cancel. Your payment method will automatically be charged each month unless you have chosen the month-to-month option. All ongoing subscriptions renew automatically. You can cancel anytime but will not be issued a refund for the current billing period. All questions should be sent to

Workshops are charged separately at this time unless you choose Plan 4!