Rockin’ Out | October is for Moldavite

by | Oct 4, 2016


When the energies of the Cosmos unite with the energies of Earth, an incredible field of light is divinely created to uplift the vibration of All That Is. Long ago, a meteorite was sent on a mission to permeate its message throughout our planetary system so that humanity could have access to its cosmic truth and wisdom. This meteorite combined its highly evolved energies with the loving and nurturing essence of Mother Earth and formed a beautiful green obsidian glass that we have come to know as moldavite, “the gemstone that fell to Earth”.

Moldavite is an extremely high vibration and spacey tektite stone that acts as a perfect divination tool to access expanded states of consciousness. Its true purpose is to assist humanity, especially those attuned with the Cosmos, in expressing the message of love from one’s original source and to decode this galactic message into all earthly endeavors and encounters. Within its extraterrestrial structure exists an incredible grounding energy to assist Star Children and Galactic Beings in harmonizing the energies of the cosmos within the dream world that earthlings have come to experience.

The frequency of moldavite strengthens the connection with the higher self and stimulates spiritual and mental channels for clearer communication with angels, ascended masters, Star Beings and Star Family. This ability to initiate communication with higher levels of existence and beings is not to be done in a way that dissociates one from reality. Moldavite is here to assist your sensitive soul in adapting to life on Earth and will inspire feelings of compassion and unconditional love towards all divine beings and energies with which you come into contact.

Moldavite will awaken and calibrate our inherent gifts that we are now ready to share with this beautiful world in alignment with our galactic mission. Divine encodings, blueprints and DNA are activated as esoteric messages are delivered from the lightbody to transmit and integrate cosmic wisdom throughout our entire being. Old limitations, attachments and beliefs neutralize and dissolve into the light as new patterns and programs are awakened to their highest potential. In this realm of empowerment, we recognize and honor our cosmic truth and heritage.

As moldavite helps us to adjust to higher states of awareness, it creates the loving and safe space to heal old emotional traumas and transmute the pain into divine wisdom. This will accelerate spiritual  transformation as we transcend all time and space. With this new activation, we continue the process of upgrading our frequencies and ground in our divine purpose and power.

***Moldavite is not for everyone. It will run away from you or slip into another dimension to assist you from another level of existence if its vibration is too intense for your sensitive presence. This is in no way negative. It simply means that your true origin or nature is more angelic or elemental than cosmic.


I AM a Child of the Universe & I AM ONE with All That Is.

Sacred Ceremony

Call in your Light Guides, Angels, Star Family or Star Beings to assist you in clearing and harmonizing all of your energy fields and uplifting them to their highest vibrations. Align with your higher self and connect to Moldavite on your heart chakra. You can either lay down and place it on this sacred space or you can hold it in your hand and place it to your beautiful heart.

Visualize the world and humanity functioning in harmony. See all beings happy, healthy and eternally free. Hold this vision and send love to All That Is. Maintain this picture of reality for as long as you are able as you ground in the knowing of your divine perfection, purpose and power. In the name of the light, we pray for all earthlings to know and embody the most powerful force in the universe, the force of infinite love, always and forevermore.

So Be It. So Be It. So Be It. And so it is.