Get Wrapped Up In Etee: Reusable Food Covers

by | Jun 19, 2019

“Our addiction to convenience is as epidemic as drugs, but no one will say that because it would mean taking a look inward and admitting that we ALL are contributing.”

Sustainability, conservation, environmentally friendly – these are words it feels like we hear every day now. In reality, we don’t hear them enough, and not everyone is getting the message. It is easy to believe change is happening when you surround yourself with like-minded people, but there is a whole world out there who aren’t getting the memo. Even if you carry a reusable water bottle and coffee cup, are you really making all the small changes that you could?

I often hear people say how much more expensive it is to buy reusable products and how it’s less convenient, but let’s think about it for a moment. Single use products are more cost efficient at the exact moment you buy them. When you compare reusable food storage wraps at $15-$20 and single use box of baggies at $4 for 50, it is easy to see how you can get 4x the number of baggies for roughly the same price. Now, what happens when you use them all up? You have to go buy more. How many times in your life have you been in this scenario: make dinner, eat until you are full, go to put away left-overs, reach in the Ziploc box, and it’s empty? Now what? You throw out the left-overs because you have no way to store them? In addition, you are also wasting food. However, the reusable one still works and is always present.

Photo via National Geographic

When you take a step back and visualize yourself tossing 200 plastic single-use baggies in the bin it seems insane. Imagine doing that over a life time. Imagine a million people doing the exact same thing. A billion? It is so easy to only view the world from our own eyes. “I am only one person,” is the argument I always hear. A million people are “only one person,” but a million people making small changes, now there is something.

You have thrown away 200 plastic bags, and you still have to spend more money. In the long run you save time, money, and the environment. It is inconceivable how that would not be the obvious option, but corporate America would have you believe that it is more convenient to buy single use, that it is more sanitary, less clean up, faster, cheaper, etc. The cold hard fact is that they want your money and they employ highly skilled marketing teams to come up with brilliant ways to convince you that single use is the “better” option. Why? Because it keeps you addicted and coming back for more. The Ziplock bag box is empty – better stop at Target and pick up another box. Our addiction to convenience is as epidemic as drugs, but no one will say that because it would mean taking a look inward and admitting that we ALL are contributing.

I am by no means perfect. I can be wasteful and am guilty of forgetting my bottle and buying a single-use one. No one should be asking for perfection, just asking for effort. The most astonishing thing I can tell you from my own journey is the new drive and pride you feel with every small change you make. You begin to crave that feeling of change. What new ways can I cut down my environmental impact today?

There are plenty of options popping up, including reusable silicone bags. While better than single use and great for the freezer, these are still not biodegradable. Silicone products can last for years, but once their usefulness is through, they still exist. A wonderful alternative to plastic baggies are wax wraps – wax covered cloth that forms and hugs the food. These are often made from beeswax and linen or organic cotton. If you enjoy homemade DIY there are countless ideas on Pinterest to try. I opted for premade.

I tried some that I picked up from my local Trader Joe’s first. They work just fine. However, I was recently introduced to a brand called Etee. They sent me some of their wraps to try out, and I can tell you, I am a convert. They offer three sizes with free shipping in the USA and Canada. While some brands wraps are stiff and don’t adhere well, these are soft and malleable. They form tightly to fruit, bowls, cups, casserole dishes – you name it. The real test was my avocado. My Etee wrap kept it green and fresh, better than any container I had tried previously. Open can of beans, no problem. The wrap sealed securely to it equal to (if not better than) the plastic cling crap with the “press and seal” promise. They are beyond simple to clean and store. They don’t dry out, become rigid and difficult to use. Not to mention they are amazing space savers in a drawer as they fold flat. Etee didn’t stop at just wraps though. They also offer small, medium, and large food storage bags made the same way with the same benefits. Perfect for a child’s (or adult’s) school lunch or snack. Leftovers are sure to stay fresh. The possibilities are endless. Pair Etee wraps with a set of their bamboo utensils in a stainless-steel lunch box and you are a reusable champion, ready to go.

Etee recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to bring you an even wider variety of sustainable, no waste products. From dish soap to toothbrushes, their vision of the future is waste free. Follow the link to their site and get to know their founder Steve, and learn how his mission was influenced by his own family and King Tut from ancient Egypt (yes, you read that right!)

Don’t just take my word for it, try them yourself. Etee also offers a 90 money-back guarantee. What’s more, Etee wraps are USDA certified organic and biodegradable.  

So, what are you waiting for?

Change your habits, change your life, change the world!

Article shorthand (some takeaways):

  • Several suggestions to make small but meaningful changes towards sustainability in your everyday life: reusable coffee cups and water bottles, reusable bamboo cutlery when packing a meal for out of the house, cloth napkins, earth-friendly ice packs.
  • One person making small changes towards a more earth-friendly life seems small, but what if one person times a million makes small changes. Big changes are starting to happen!
  • Etee wraps and bags are reusable, washable (biodegradable) wraps to replace foil, disposable ziplock bags, cling wrap etc., and can be purchased HERE.