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A research-based psychological, anthropological, and story-centered resource for mind/body/spirit health, emphasizing conservation and therapeutic engagement with the natural world as vital to our own wellbeing. Created by Micha Thomas.

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Afraid of the Dark: Tips For Nighttime Anxiety Visits

What’s important to note is these feelings folks who come to visit at night – anxieties – they are parts of us expressing something. No, they often present as though they are not constructive, but there is something to attend to within them – a helpful smoke signal.

5 Reasons Why Anger Must Be Released

It is a most common emotion, and it is not something to suppress. Anger itself should never be taboo. Its expression is what should be modulated but not its existence and release.

Monthly Channeled Forecast: June is the Passageway

We are about to enter a new cycle within the bigger picture of our soul growth. We must travel through with the strength it takes to trust that our Higher Selves are navigating forward no matter how slow it might seem. Sometimes the slower path is the path to our greatest awe.

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