“I met Micha Thomas when I applied for credentials for PopTech! in 2010. She impressed me early and often with her professionalism and the way she understood my needs at Elle magazine and helped me get the most out of that conference. Indeed, I was inspired by my experience with Micha and PopTech! to introduce a program at Elle that connects some of the PopTech! fellows and speakers with Elle’s advertisters to fund projects that help women in the world. Frankly, I couldn’t have launched that program without Micha’s help. I look very much forward to our continued collaboration.”
Editor at large, Elle magazine

“I have not worked with Micha as a coach, but I have known her for ten years in a professional capacity and I can attest to her hard work and dedication to all projects that come her way.   I can highly recommend working with her due to the integrity, honesty and commitment to the she brings to her work.  She is also a kind and caring human being, which makes her ideally suited to the role of a life coach.  She can absolutely trust her.”
Michael Spiegelman, Vice President, Global Product Innovation at Netflix

After 14+ years in marketing, creative development, and ghost writing for health organizations, my greatest strengths and sources of joy within marketing and brand development are helping organizations truly define their growing mission, their public-facing voice, their goals, their process improvement, and their most genuine methods of reaching those who could benefit most from their work. I find it to be deeply creative work – bringing all reasons for the organization’s existence, the needs of targeted communities, and fitting methods of communication together. Most of my marketing and creative development collaborations were several years long, with non-profit organizations such as PopTech (founded by co-founder of Apple and precursor to TED) and its Science and Social Innovation Fellows and Global Citizens, and for-profit companies like The Windish Agency (now part of Paradigm), Madplum Creative, and occasionally a large company, such as my multi-year partnership with Adobe.

I now bring this all together with my years of coaching, healing, and psychology training to creatively, strategically, and programmatically consult for organizations in mental and behavioral health and general health and wellness.


Photo by Elli Lauren for weREWILD