I have a very holistic philosophy on therapy, coaching, and even Reiki.

You possess all of the keys for psychological wholeness and authenticity within, yet this is often challenging to bring forth alone. Together, we establish a safe space where wounds, old stories, limiting beliefs, pain or pleasure, any way that life has tamed you, and anything that is present can come to life to be worked with. The process of reconnecting and rewilding your soul and spirit into who you’ve always been within can be lengthy and present with some pain and discomfort, but I meet you lovingly, with a heart-centered approach to honoring the sacred timing of your wholeness, integrating mind and body and soul and spirit into your full Self.

I am more of an active guide at times in the therapeutic process – challenging you, providing suggestions for holistic health and happiness, and introducing coping tools and psychoeducation when appropriate. I fully honor what a time and financial commitment our work together is and how utterly overwhelming committing to one’s Self and the work towards wholeness can be. I have bore witness to incredible shifts emotionally, energetically and within the circumstances of life of my clients. I sincerely love what I do.

Therapeutically, I am influenced by Depth Psychology (the unconscious, structures of psyche and Self, dreams, etc.), Feminist Psychology and overall cultural, racial and structural empowerment, Ecopsychology (the interrelatedness of our internal structures and the environment around us), Mindfulness, and Soma-oriented approaches, incorporating some CBT. I work with people experiencing depression, anxiety, life and career transitions, trauma, chronic health issues and women’s health issues, amongst other mental, emotional and somatic experiences.