This is one of the most powerful ways to experience the concepts of Rewilding for one’s self – in person, whether in a group of strangers, colleagues, or friends. It is all powerful. Creating and facilitating workshops, group circles, and retreats is partially how I came to Rewilding, ecopsychology, coaching and healing, and their incredible relevance to all pathologies and human experiences. I utilize tools of nature-based and group-based therapy, mindfulness, coaching, somatics, and more – all aimed at a heart-opening experience because that is where I lead from.

Currently, my programs are proprietary and can be married with other research and institutional or group/company needs. I generally facilitate alone or with pack mates. You can find the most updated information in the Programs & Enrichment portion of the website about some of my current programs. I also create one-day and multi-day curriculums and retreats for groups based upon your goals and their alignment with my training and teachings.

I have facilitated for corporations, non-profit organizations, and my own weREWILD events and workshops.

Photos of me and Philip Folsom by Elli Lauren and Mari Trancoso for weREWILD