Sacred Scents | Using Smell to Unlock the Chakras with Life Aromatherapy

by | Nov 30, 2016

Guided Meditation Workshop

On Sunday, December 4th, at the Of the Wolves Studio (4628 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA) from 5pm until 7pm, we will be hosting a very special evening of Guided Meditation and Scent Exploration with Carrie Keller, the woman behind the brand Life Aromatherapy. Blending her gifts as an intuitive and a healer with her knowledge of organic essential oils, Carrie’s line of chakra sprays and parfumes are multi-layered healing modalities.

lifearomatheraphyotw5Life Aromatherapy is your all-natural line of scents and chakra sprays. Have you always been drawn to the world of scent + smell?
Many of my fondest childhood memories involve smell. Growing up in Illinois, I remember the smell of magnolia trees, Entenmann’s bakery on my walks to grade school, my mother and grandmother’s fragrance, their cooking and baking, Mr. Sketch markers that smelled of grape, licorice, orange. Thinking back, I probably smelled those too much. Ha! I loved nice smelling things.

Professionally, I became passionate about scent and smell about 18 years ago. At the time, there was only one semi-natural fragrance that I could wear, as I was hyper-sensitive to chemical scents. Working with essential oils around that same time opened me up to the world of scent and smell and the profound effect they have on our bodies and minds. I think most of my life I’ve been drawn to smells that comfort or evoke a positive emotional experience on some level.

One of the touchstones of Life Aromatherapy is its devotion to using non-toxic and natural ingredients. Why is this such an important element of your work?
I believe in the power and healing found in nature. I realized early on how toxic many of our everyday products are and how they contribute to cancers and a multitude of health conditions. I wanted to create products that were pure, effective, and would be healing for the most sensitive of bodies. This intention has always been behind the products I create.  I believe our bodies have enormous wisdom. When we introduce something natural, our bodies know what to do.

I adopted a natural, more holistic lifestyle early in my late teens and in my early 20s, and I began to create my own natural products, because, at the time, there wasn’t much available in the marketplace that was effective and all natural. I was obsessed with herbs, essential oils and their healing properties. I began to think about all the things we are exposed to in our environments, the foods we put in our bodies, and the products we put on our bodies. I thought about children and people with weak immune systems. As a hypersensitive person, I knew I felt better using toxin-free products, and I knew there was a whole world of people like me that could benefit as well.

The products eventually became a vehicle to introducing people to a natural, non-toxic way of living. I started marketing the skin care and chakra lines in 2005. It was the beginning of the movement we are seeing today with natural products and holistic, conscious living. Creating all-natural luxury fragrances over the last several years has been my passion product to introduce something luxury, pure and non-toxic into a world that has been for many years dominated by chemically laden options. It will always be my mission to provide unique, pure and effective product offerings to support people in living their healthiest, most vibrant lives.


All your work is highly intuitive. Beyond the world of activated scents, you also do incredible work in the mediumship world…I know this because I recently had a profoundly moving reading with you. How did you wake up to this side of yourself?
It took a little time. I think I came into the world as a highly sensitive being. I was quite shy and introverted in my younger years, mostly because I didn’t fully understand what was happening. One of my primary senses early on was Clairsentience – feeling what others feel. As a child, having those abilities without any mentors or guidance was challenging. I often felt alien and different, even when surrounded with friends and family that adored me.

I eventually began to study world religions, metaphysics, and spirituality in my late teens and early 20s, attempting to understand what I was experiencing. Eventually, I found books that helped me understand my abilities. My spirituality became everything to me, and I attracted a mentor to help me to build trust in my abilities. I began to study yoga, meditation and energy healing and all my psychic channels opened. As I learned to develop confidence in my abilities, I realized I had a responsibility with these gifts. When I began to work with other people through readings,  I witnessed transformation, healing and pure joy. I didn’t anticipate how things would unfold, but today I am entirely grateful to be a vehicle for Spirit and to use my abilities to connect and help people. My products have become of an extension of that love energy.

How does your work as an intuitive go hand in hand with your work as a scent creator?
Scents can be very healing; just as divine energy is profoundly healing. The energy I channel in my readings is the same energy that I channel when creating.  The fun part of my work is using my abilities to channel love energy into everything I do. I wanted to introduce people to high vibrational fragrances so that they would feel healed and empowered when wearing the scents. I was guided to use my abilities for fragrance customization – intuitively tuning in to a person’s energy to create a “scent blueprint” that would capture the person’s unique essence and transform them into their highest, most radiant self.

My abilities allow me to tune in to the depths of people and the energy of places. I can travel with my abilities and create a story or experience through scent that everyone can participate in. A sniff of my Amour Eternal (beloved) fragrance might evoke love energy and open your heart center, while my Terre (earth) fragrance might facilitate a feeling of grounding and nurturing and a sense of being in a beautiful forest. My Voyager fragrance is clean and fresh and evokes an energy of adventure and fearlessness. That is the beauty of scent, it can emotionally shift you in an instant, propel you forward or take you back to certain moments and people in your life. I’m grateful to be able to use my intuition to create these experiences.

We are going to be hosting a Guided Meditation + Scent Exploration with you in the Of the Wolves studio on December 4th. What can people expect from that evening’s gathering?
I will be leading us on a guided meditation, focusing on the body’s chakra and energy systems, utilizing my line of chakra sprays and essential oils for healing and clearing. As part of the meditation, we will have a releasing and intention ceremony to assist in manifesting the heart’s desires. The evening will conclude with one-on-one mini-chakra assessments! It will be a fun and empowering evening!

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