Crystal Clearing | Angelite

by | Sep 15, 2018

On a planet inhabited by billions of people and millions of discovered life forms, old programs of separation perpetuate the illusion that one is alone, without a true network of support. This sense of disconnection from the world, as well as the higher realms, is a tale as old as time. It makes the presence of Angelite’s gentle vibrations the perfect companion to serve as a reflection of harmony and peace amongst humanity and all earthlings, while uniting the self with the highest orders of loving cosmic support and guidance.

A belief system of loneliness and isolation can distract one from seeing reality with a lens of harmony and love. This discord can trigger symptoms of anger, fear and frustration that keep one from operating at their highest potential. Angelite’s gentle vibrations soften the heart while transmuting old energies into unconditional love and compassion. Angelite invokes clear and confident communication, in both the earthly and ethereal realms, allowing one to speak their heart-centered truth and open up to universal guidance and support, of cosmic, and human nature.

Angelite is a highly evolved crystal that has lived in the earth for eons of time, once Celestite, which compressed for millions of years to form Angelite’s soft blue composition. Naturally, this mineral holds vast wisdom within its ancient structure to expand awareness through its link to the higher realms. Angelite is both a sender and receiver of telepathic and channeled communication, to and from light guides and angels. Once the message has been sent out, Angelite helps anchor a state of receptivity, to clearly feel, hear, and understand the divine messages that serve to come through the transmission, strengthening the channel and opening the gateway to dimensions of pure consciousness.

In the company of this sacred companion, the mind becomes illuminated, creating new pathways of connection to and from the ethereal network. As the universal knowledge downloads and integrates its wisdom, Angelite’s frequency enfolds the being and the space in a cocoon of protection to access the higher planes with great trust and confidence, commanding in its presence, that only assistance from the highest orders of the light and love come through. The spiritual antenna rewires its modes of perception to receive crystal clear guidance from angels, light guides and the higher realms, attuning the stream of consciousness to the universal mind.

I AM fully supported by the loving guidance of my ethereal and Earth angels. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Sacred Ceremony
Work with Angelite to establish a direct line of communication to your personal light guides, angels and the universal wisdom of the higher realms. Surrender the attachment to the ways in which you might perceive the messages to come through, allow the insight to manifest in ways that truly serve an honor you. Trust in the messages that come through with confidence and gratitude. Open your mind and heart to visions, feelings, sounds and other forms of divine intervention and celestial reminders. Thank the many beloveds who came through to assist, in the name of the light.