Crystal Clearing | Nirvana Quartz

by | Apr 8, 2017

A state of enlightenment lovingly designed by Mother Earth in crystalline form is now readily available as humanity continues to awaken and align with its truth to bring more love to this plane. Through the assistance of the recently discovered mineral from the Himalayan Mountains in the year 2006, Nirvana Quartz shines light on the chaos of the world to unite the planet with the pure light of the divine. This high frequency stone vibrates in harmony with the pure white flame of consciousness, creating a dimension of crystal clear visions and blissful sensations.

As its name suggests, Nirvana Quartz is a stone of pure consciousness and enlightenment that prepares the individual for rapid evolutionary growth and spiritual acceleration, holding the patterns of divine perfection to assist in discovering one’s true power and potential. This inner illumination shifts perceptions from lack and limitation in order to align one to their true purpose, opening the doorway for the individual to discover who they truly are and why they are here, as a being of great cause and vision. Personal transformation creates the space for true radiance to reside as the world one comes to contact with reflects this essence in a realm of equality and expansion.

Nirvana Quartz acts as a conduit of light, downloading universal knowledge through the soul star chakra, as the radiant mind connects with the rhythm of ones heart. This divine synergy unites the personal and universal self so that compassion and unconditional love for all that is dissolves any self-imposed boundaries or illusions of separateness. This extraordinary leap of understanding may result in an intense and somewhat overwhelming initiation to access the higher realms of every day being; however, the rewards and blessings involved in this transmutation allow the process to be met with gratitude and trust in the divine. Knowing that love guides the way, the sacred space one will enter through this upgrade is the essence of inner Nirvana.

Our future selves send messages of strength and perseverance, infused with languages of light transmitted from the celestial realms, to inspire the attunement to our highest potential and expanded states of awareness. As one aligns their stream of consciousness with the perfection of the universal mind, this heavenly union with oneness illuminates the pathway of personal transformation to assist in the process of planetary purification. The resonance that permeates throughout the entire being serves as a reminder of one’s birthright to create the reality of their true dreams and desires, with the lifeforce of one’s personal power and through the assistance of the divine.


I AM pure divine consciousness.

Sacred Ceremony

With Nirvana Quartz by your side, welcome your higher self and the light of the divine to purify and upgrade your entire body and energy fields as you operate as a clear and perfect channel. Take a moment to write in your journal any dreams, goals and desires that you wish to manifest into creation, with grace and with ease, and in ways that truly serve and honor you. Surrender attachment to the outcome of your prayers; let go with full trust in the divine guidance and orchestration of the actualization of your wishes. Now, ask your higher self to download a teaching that reveals to you in divine time and divine ways what it looks like, feels like and is like to be operating at your highest divine potential. Continue holding the vision of your written declarations as this process unfolds.

And So Be It. And So It Is.