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More info coming soon! With love, weREWILD Why Rewilding – the Research Behind the 5...

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More info coming soon! With love, weREWILD Currently Rewilding in Oaxaca: Meet Acclaimed Artist & Fashion Stylist Kelly Framel There’s this idea of destiny, that destiny is an eternal irritant within us. A bit ago there was...

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WHAT IS ELEMENTAL REWILDING™? Learn more about this practice, the wisdom that shoulders it,...

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More info coming soon! With love, weREWILD Get Wrapped Up In Etee: Reusable Food Covers A wonderful alternative to plastic baggies are wax wraps – wax covered cloth that forms and hugs the food. These are often made from...

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New Home

RECONNECT. RETURN. REWILD. A research-based psychological, anthropological, and story-centered resource, emphasizing conservation and therapeutic engagement with the natural world as vital to our own mind/body/spirit/soul...

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OTW Tees & Totes