Monthly Medicine | November is Stepping Back

by | Nov 2, 2017

What’s still lingering: Seven of Pentacles
What we’re moving into: Page of Wands
Further Advice: Connect
Decks: Aquarian Tarot, Vessel Oracle

My intention a week ago was to work on this column so that the weekend before Halloween was free for dance parties, binge-watching 80s horror films, and maybe purchasing my pup a costume. Instead, here I am, over a dozen pieces of candy deep, the A Nightmare on Elm Street soundtrack playing in the background, candles lit, and cards just recently pulled for all of you. How fitting that I greatly procrastinated and ended up pulling cards for next month on the day known as Witches’ New Year, when the veil is believed to be the thinnest between our world and others, and the cycles of life and death are ever present even from our very own windows! So, what messages came through for you to know for the month ahead?

First things first, what did you all accomplish at the end of October? Did you feel as though you covered great ground? Finally got your shit together? Became engaged in numerous activities and work on behalf of your side hustling? Whatever the case, boy oh boy did you get your hands dirty and sow those seeds, as indicated by the Seven of Pentacles! Whether it was all-out stressful work that kept you awake for hours into the night, days where you felt you were unable to leave your laptop, or simply cracking through that lengthy to-do list and doing so with gusto, you made some headway last month and now you’re simply…waiting. Just like the figure in this card, you’re at a standstill, quietly pensive, and maybe even antsy to pounce on the slightest sign of action or growth stemming from all that grunt work. But here’s the thing, whatever is going to show up next for you is going to do so on its own damn time. It isn’t going to peek its little head any earlier just because you’re giving it the stare down.

While you might be entering November impatiently awaiting results and dreaming of what’s around the corner, the rest of the month’s energy is drastically different, all thanks to the Page of Wands. See this gem as the shakeup you need to get yourself away from that oven door and back into a more open-to-anything state of mind. Passionate and optimistic energy abounds. A spark has been created and is fostered, instead of quickly burning out or losing steam. There’s a flair and confidence to all that is done. Simply put, while the figure in the Seven of Pentacles is determined for one particular result at the moment they feel it should take place, the Page of Wands isn’t just honed in on that – while they’re just as eager for results or any signs of growth – they’re also up for whatever adventures spring up and hopeful that something just as lovely is ahead. Doesn’t that sound like a pleasant mindset to adopt? I like to think of it as letting some of our responsible adult-like tendencies go (expecting everything to work out as planned, thinking if I do ____ then surely ____ will follow, the list goes on) and allowing ourselves to sit back and let the Universe, Source, Divine, you name it, take it from there.

How do you get from that finger-tapping, anxiously waiting state to one that is more go with the flow content with the process? Connect wants you to do just that. Instead of zoning in and having your eyes continuously on that prize, which can be an obsessive and lonely time for some of us, be sure you’re still making an effort to meet face to face with those you care about. Become inspired by what they’re doing and involved in. Let them in on what anxiety or fears you’re currently holding on to. Allow yourself to be taken away and distracted for just a few hours so you can dive back in recharged and ready to attack from a different angle if need be. Also, see Connect as a suggestion to tap into whatever parts of your mind and body need a little tune-up. Take an hour long bath. Go to the gym and move. Stretch your body bit by bit. Read for pleasure. Sit down and do a tarot reading just for yourself.

Whether you’re taking strides to get your credit card debt under control, are undergoing a bathroom remodel like myself, or are bogged down with work from your day gig or side hustling, remember how important it is to have some distance between it all and the results you crave. Allow for changes to occur. Allow for yourself to be taken in the opposite direction if that should arise. Allow for random, more magical transformations to pop up and take you by surprise. Also, you might as well come up for air and sit back and enjoy this time before you’re carried away by another period of work or the rush of
the impending holiday season!