Monthly Medicine | June is for Soul Magic

by | Jun 1, 2018

Significator: 9 of Swords, Truth

Walking away from: 2 of Wands rx, Queen of Pentacles rx

Walking into: 4 of Wands, Knight of Swords, 2 of Swords rx, The Star

Channeled from my Spirit Guide, Ruth, using the Rider Waite-Smith tarot deck and the Vessel oracle deck by Spirit Speak.

I will begin this Monthly Medicine by admitting I was quite surprised by the cards I pulled for the month of June. I was expecting a much grander spread of Major Arcana cards, but instead was shown something a bit quieter. My guides were insistent that there is powerful, soul-direction urge surging through us, but these are internal and subtle emotional shifts that have been in place since last August of 2017 (think the Great American Solar Eclipse). The full moon in Sagittarius on May 29 kicked off June with a benefic energy that has us thinking about all the projects we have been putting off and how we can initiate. It’s a prolific energy that is such an amazing nudge, but I will say it comes with some baggage. The baggage, 9 of Swords, can come in the form of anxiety, frustration, shame, guilt, etc… the list goes on. These anxious thoughts resonate as: “I am not enough”, or, “I am not where I need to be”. But in all actuality, you are exactly where you need to be. The Queen of Pentacles rx shows us that we must try to slow down to the energetic frequency of Earth. Slowing down means trying not to tackle everything at once and most of all, focusing on our physical bodies so we can calm our minds. Spirit is trying to tune us in to the frequencies of our greatest gifts, and for us to do this, we must look inside, release, and then initiate. To initiate something new means we must clear out the old. This comes with a choice (2 of Wands rx), and this choice can be quite daunting because we find ourselves energetically attached to what we know and what we are comfortable with. The 2 of Wands ushers in the element of fire, which is essentially an action we are called to perform. This action is an awakening we are experiencing this month through our creative gifts, our sexuality, our passions, and so on. As Gemini season turns to watery Cancer later this month, our ideas (Knight of Swords) will come at full force and we might not know exactly what to do with them or how to execute them into action. This is when our intuition comes into play and shows us our Truth; which can only arrive at our heart-center. Only when we our Truth is activated, we can understand how to bring forth our ideas and give birth to them.

Our love life seem to be activated this month with the 4 of Wands showing up as a “reawakening” of our sexuality. If you are someone who is in a relationship, this could be to rediscover something new in your partnership that is rooted in passion. Maybe the relationship is reignited through a new modality of sexual play, cooking, hobbies, exploring, etc. If you are single, perhaps this means you are uniting passions with someone new; and if this isn’t your thing at the moment, maybe you are igniting a deep passion within yourself. The 4 of Wands is the celebration of the fire within us and the acknowledgement of the expansive work we have been doing this past year to arrive at where we are today. Allow yourself to feel absolutely amazing.

The 2 of Swords rx is allowing us to drop the shield that protects our heart center, letting us know it is ok to feel again. It is now time to relax into the comforts of the pleasure that is being offered our way. The anxiety that was blocking our heart center for the past few months has now been lifted, and we are now free to taste the things we have been held back from.

For my final vision of the month, I see a huge crowd of high vibrational Spirits clustering around each and every one of us. By the end of June, the veil between our physical world and the Spirit world becomes very thin, and we will be vibrating on a much more intuitive frequency. The Star card is our Truth, where we can finally see things more clearly and will be able to shift through anxious situations with more ease. The Star is here to remind us that we are never alone, and that we have a team of Spirit guides ready to help us. We just need to remember how to tune into their frequency. Some of us might feel frustrated that we can’t tune into our guides and how on earth will we be able to discern their voice from ours. The message is simple my friends – if you can be quiet with yourself whether it be five minutes or one hour, you are allowing yourself the benefit to connect with Spirit frequency. If it still sounds like your voice, that’s ok. Sometimes our “Spirit teams” sneak powerful messages into our heads as if the messages were our own.

June is remembering our Soul’s Magic – the magic we were incarnated into this life to practice. So let’s repeat those words as our monthly mantra: “I am remembering my Soul’s Magic, I am remembering my Soul’s Magic, I am remembering my Soul’s Magic…”.