Monthly Medicine | August is All About Making Adjustments

by | Aug 1, 2017

What’s still lingering: Six of Cups
What we’re moving into: Seven of Coins
Further Advice: Chrysoprase
Decks: The Fountain Tarot, Visions Crystal Oracle

Serendipitous events are at the forefront of this month’s medicine. Like a string of coincidences, or just plain happenstance if you prefer, passages in books, conversations over beer with loved ones, and reading (and later re-reading) horoscopes from folks I respect and admire, have all been confirming and doubling down on the cards that were pulled for August. It’s evident that we’re settling into a period where our connectedness to others wants its chance in the limelight, that evaluations of who we hold dear and how much we let them in is being tested, and that, like everything else in our lives, there’s always work to be done and TLC to dish out. Not to sound burdensome, but there’s another slice of your life that wants in on some affection from you – your work, creative efforts, and whatever else you’ve been wanting to build up towards all desire your complete attention. So, how can we tackle each piece in a way that doesn’t add more to your plate and stress you the hell out? By making adjustments in our thinking; by finally realizing what’s working for and against us; by knowing that now’s not the time to simply shrug or look away from that which makes us squirm.

What’s the current state of all the numerous relationships in your life? Have you been feeling social and making the rounds with your closest friends? Have you let your partner(s) in on matters close to your heart without fear of judgment? Do you feel like you’re on solid footing with your family, chosen or blood? As we enter the month of August, now is the time to gauge what’s missing and where you’ve possibly been slacking because, frankly, the Six of Cups RX is suggesting all is not well in this sector. Maybe the end of July had you engaged in some petty fighting that had you in tears. Maybe you felt a true disconnect from many you consider your closest pals. Or maybe you’ve been on social life autopilot, having the same conversations with the same people out of habit because there’s no energy to engage further. Whatever the case might be, this card wants you to take a look at your activity and output. If you want to be social and get those connections back in tip top shape, make those calls and texts and arrange a girls rip! Not opening up because you’ve built a feelings blockade? Be vulnerable and speak from your heart! Feel like you’re in a friendship rut? Message a person you’re just dying to be buds with and see if they’d be up to grabbing a drink with you! Figuratively speaking, where are your cups dry with not a drop to drink and where are they spilling over with superficial or overwrought emotions?

Let’s now turn our focus to work commitments and the like. The Seven of Coins (aka pentacles) when upright points to you doing the down and dirty work needed to get whatever it is you desire. Essentially, you do the difficult and tedious work and you reap the rewards in due time. Given this card is reversed, numerous scenarios can be at play. The one that I feel takes the cake, that’s been showing itself with flashing look-at-me hands time and time again, is the notion that we’ve been setting lofty work expectations for ourselves without either doing the much-needed work or thinking that’s simply what we deserve or to which we are entitled. Whether it’s comparing your situation to someone’s on Instagram and asserting you’re in for the same return or putting forth a teeny tiny bit of effort and assuming you’ll get rewarded in the fullest sense, this card is indicating you’re in the need of numerous mindset and behavior adjustments. If you’re feeling stuck in a work rut, now’s the time to do what Jen Sincero suggests in You Are a Badass at Making Money and ‘consciously create a new groove’ so you can free yourself. Feeling yourself slacking in regards to your goals, tell yourself time and time again that you’re not going to get what you don’t work for (and those that do get away with it are few and far between). If the case is you’re not seeing results on months and months of effort, take a step back and see if you can harness your energy in a completely different direction. Now’s the time for new strategies, new attitudes, and wiping the slate clean on work expectations and feelings of what is owed to us.

If the above has you feeling as though this medicine has been one hell of a killjoy, the pulling of the gemstone Chrysoprase is here to assure that you, yes you, are the only one that can turn your circumstances around for the better. For instance, if friendships are the center of your heartache, don’t sit back and wait for someone else to invite you out or to say the words you feel you need to hear. In regards to work, if you’re not hitting those goal targets, readjust your strategy and/or crack into any subconscious fears that might be hindering your progress. Know this card wants the best for you. Know that it has your back and wants you to feel cozy, comforted, and loved. Know that it wants you to stop holding onto thoughts and feelings that are only slowing you down from reaching your best self in all arenas of your life. Put this card to work and feel empowered by your ability to bring about much-needed change in your life.

Even though it may sound as though you’re in for a bummer of a month, see August as this quest to get your shit together. You’re going to go in and tidy up not only your work life and goals, aspirations, and expectations but your relationship sector as well. This is the time to see what’s been working, to rid yourself to all that’s been dormant or uncooperative for far too long, and to be open to the Universe dropping something else in your lap.