When we first began, people queried how to become a member of the pack and asked about chapters in other countries, and we truly believe we are all ONE chapter. Yet, we understand your desire to meet with your pack face to face, especially given the research and community focus weREWILD is born from. We know the call to connect and find ways to live a holistic life in such a modern age is important, and we realize weREWILD’s physical touch may be limited to the U.S., for now. Through our words, our images, our collaborations, and even our services, forging connections globally is still very possible. 

So, we look to you now, our pack, to aid us in connecting with more people globally and to support each other. 
***Below you will also find some other extremely helpful ways to help and join the Pack.
***Be sure to tag us and let us know where your chapter is.

  • SUBSCRIBE TO weREWILD, and encourage friends and family to do so, as this goes to continued research, content, resources and growth.
  • JOIN THE REWILDING WOLF PACK FACEBOOK GROUP for Rewilders around the world to discuss relevant topics, questions, and share stories for community crosstalk. 
  • SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS + LOVED ONES: to join the Facebook group and share their Rewilding needs and experiences.
  • ORGANIZE REWILDING WOLF PACK SATELLITE GATHERINGS: These are not sanctioned weREWILD gatherings, but we encourage you to bring your communities together and discuss some of the themes of Rewilding that move you the most. Book clubs, campfire gatherings, and sacred circles are encouraged! See our upcoming processes map for some criteria.
  • REACH OUT DIRECTLY WITH THE CLASSIC “I WANT TO HOWL WITH YOU” SUBJECT LINE: And we will answer your questions and send gratitude for your suggestions as soon as humanly possible.